All the hardware I want to get rid of. Shipping is mostly going to be limited to the UK and EU due to costs.

If you're interested in something send me an email to: buildzoid+junkyard@gmail.com

ASUS Prime B350-Plus
50 EUR
The board has some plastidip on it from me trying to run it on LN2. There's also a Vcore voltage sense line attached to the CPU socket.
So it has no warranty what so ever.
I'm somewhat willing to potentially add some more modifications to it if you're request them(like a Vsoc read line).
Gigabyte X99-UD4P
100 EUR
This thing ran my daily PC for over a year. It doesn't have any problems that I'm aware of. It does have an OC socket. I have no idea about the warranty situation for it. I'm getting rid of it since I upgraded from a 5930K to an R7 1700


  1. 4790k im interested but in new zealand would do you do dhl shipping for a price?

  2. What are your current offers on the 1070?

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